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About Theradex

Our Contact Information

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CN 5257
Princeton, NJ 08543

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4365 Route 1 South
Princeton, NJ 08540

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Phone 609.799.7580
Fax 609.799.4148
Email: info@theradex.com

Theradex® Overview Mission

The focus at Theradex®, now and for more than a quarter of a century, is on improving the human condition by providing quality oncology research services with scientific objectivity.

The goal of Theradex® is to be a value added collaborator who will enhance the efficiency and integrity of your development program or clinical trial.

As an oncology niche service provider for more than 30 years, Theradex® has amassed an unprecedented amount of experience in oncology clinical research. Senior staff members have been dedicated to the development of oncology drug products throughout their careers in the treatment, clinical trial and regulatory environments.
Structure and Services
Theradex's® Global Headquarters is strategically located in Princeton, New Jersey.

Theradex® also provides complete international services coordinated through our global offices in:

  • Theradex (Europe) Ltd
  • Theradex Japan
Among other services, Theradex® offers international project management, medical oversight, regulatory services, clinical trial monitoring, data management, pharmacovigilance and statistical services which are available to clients on a flexible basis.

Theradex® has over 30 years of oncology clinical trials experience with an emphasis on Phase I studies. Since our founding in 1982, we have monitored and held the data for all US National Cancer Institute Phase I trials.

Theradex® has supported both broad and target Phase II programs for our clients. From single center two-stage design to multinational randomized Phase II programs, Theradex® has the in-house expertise to support your research program.

Theradex® has successfully managed international Phase III programs supporting the development of cytotoxics, biologics and molecular targeted therapies.


Theradex® has built a reputation over time with high levels of in-house oncology drug development expertise. This not only sustains quality services in monitoring and data management, but also supports the development of anticancer products that require an understanding of the oncology drug development environment.

In addition to our continued activities supporting the NCI drug development program by providing clinical trials monitoring and data management services, Theradex® continues to serve individual research institutions as an integrated component of their Data Safety Monitoring Plan.

CTMS Contact Information

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Theradex® — Attn: CTMS
4365 Route 1 South
Princeton, NJ 08540

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Phone 609.799.7580
CTMS Fax 609.799.9391

Email: CTMS@Theradex.com
CTEP Help Desk

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For information about the NCI DCTD Clinical Trials Therapy Program, please visit the CTEP website or email the CTEP help desk.
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